Keynote address at the Chais Conference 2016

On 16 February 2016, I gave a keynote address at the Chais Conference 2016 with the title "Citizen Science: Learning to effectively contribute in virtual organizations". A recording of the talk is available on YouTube if you don't see if below.

NSF INSPIRE project funded

An NSF INSPIRE project on which I'm a co-PI (along with Carsten Østerlund) was just funded! The project award 15-47880, titled "INSPIRE: Teaming Citizen Science with Machine Learning to Deepen LIGO's View of the Cosmos". The project, joint with Northwestern University, Cal State Fullerton and the Adler Planetarium, will develop a novel citizen science project to classify glitches from the LIGO gravitational wave detector.

Springer Handbook of Science and Technology Convergence published!

The Springer has been published including an article by me on and another on